In need of some feedback on strategic partnerships? Lacking inspiration on legal structuring of your collaboration? Do you want to bounce off ideas on possible ways to protect your project or know-how? Or to see how to organize the exploitation and valorization of the proceeds?

Modo Advocaten/Avocats launches
Innovative Thinking: a think-tank and support tool offered to SME’s, start-ups and associations looking for input on their innovative, creative, artistic and / or socially relevant projects and ideas. Free of charge.

Interested in trying out MODO Innovative Thinking?

Contact us by mail (subject: Innovative Thinking) with a brief outline of yourself / your project and your expectations.


In our practice we regularly come across situations where promising projects or brilliant ideas never make it off the drawing board or fall short of the expectations. Part of this is often due to insufficient legal and strategic insight. Compared to major companies, small players lack the expertise, time or means necessary for a thorough analysis of their concept and sufficient reflection on ways to turn it into a viable project. Additionally external advice is many times seen as an unnecessary delaying and costly factor.Such thresholds should not be paralyzing creativity. Therefore we see it as an inspiring challenge to contribute to and stimulate a good start of your project.

We want to go a step further than preliminary general legal advice as already broadly available. We put our legal and strategic expertise at disposal of your project during an in depth, inspiring brainstorm.

Every month, we select 2 projects for an informal, confidential brainstorming session at MODO. We offer you our input on general concept and set-up, legal objections, strategy, viability and challenges and coach you through the different possibilities. Where useful we are also happy to open our network to you.

The session is non-committal and no costs are involved.
We put our expertise at disposal of:

- projects of individuals, SME’s or associations

- that are in a development and/or start-up phase and

- that are innovative, creative/artistic or socially relevant.