Dodo Chochitaichvilli completed the professional training for lawyers at the Belgian Supreme Court

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Supreme Court -  Lawyer – Professional training

We are delighted to communicate that Dodo Chochitaichvili has successfully passed the 2015-2019 cycle of the professional training organised by the Bar Association of the Belgian Supreme Court.

This professional training is organised by periods of four years by the Bar Association of the Supreme Court. It comprises a first year exam and practical exercises during the next three years, leading to the final exam at the end of the cycle.

The successful completion of the cycle (i) is a condition to be appointed as lawyer at the Supreme Court with respect to civil matters and (ii) allows the successful candidate to be added on the list of lawyers holding the certificate of professional training in Supreme Court’s proceedings with respect to criminal matters. 

Dodo was in the meantime added to the latter list and is thus now permitted to submit proceedings to the Supreme Court in criminal matters.