Presentation ACER/CEER - Second Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Market

ACER - CEER - Annual Report - Monitoring - Energy Market Read More

11 December 2013: R. Feltkamp moderates conference on developments in national smart metering programmes

Energy - Smart meetering - Energy consumption Read More

REMIT - Energy market - Wholesale trading - Integrity - Insider trading - Market manipulation

Just published: Insider trading and market manipulation in wholesale energy markets The impact of REMIT Read More

23 November 2013 - Participation expert panel D. Deneuter - Day of the musician - Poppunt / Ancienne Belgique

Day of the musician - Poppunt - Artist development - Strategy - Business approach Read More

28 November 2013: Presentation D. Deneuter 'Giving and taking'

Contracts - Negotiation - Cultural sector - Creative sector Read More

Acceleration introduction Belgian Code of Economic Law

Code of economic law - Market practices - Consumer protection - Special legal proceedings - Electronic economy - Consultation Read More

Publication: Remedies for non-performance under the draft regulation for a Common European Sales Law R. Feltkamp & F. Vanbossele

Sales - Non performance - Remedies - Buyer - Seller Read More

Vacancy MODO Advocaten / Avocats

MODO Advocaten / Avocats is looking for a senior lawyer with min. 7 years experience in Competition / Distribution / Innovation / Technology practices Read More

MODO Advocaten / Avocats expands

Elisabeth Wellekens reinforces again the 'regulated industries' team of Régine Feltkamp.
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ACER and ESMA intensify their cooperation for a consistent approach towards market abuse in the wholesale energy sector

Wholesale energy markets – ESMA – ACER – Cooperation – Market Abuse – Insider trading – Market manipulation – Data collection

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Innovative thinking

Modo Advocaten/Avocats launches Innovative Thinking: free legal-strategic brainstorming for innovative, creative, artistic and / or socially relevant projects and ideas.

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Real collateral

Lunch debate: Big Bang wat betreft de zakelijke zekerheden op roerende goederen / Big Bang dans les sûretés réelles mobilières

On 13/06/13 R. Feltkamp will act as moderator for the AEDBF/EVBFR lunch-debate on real collateral on moveable goods.

Speakers are: I. Peeters and J. Cattaruzza

Practical info

Real collateral - New act to change Belgian legal framework on securities over moveable assets

Financing - Collateral - Moveable assets - Pledge Read More

The Belgian self regulatory organisation of the advertising industry (Jury Ethische Praktijken inzake Reclame (JEP)) presented its annual report 2012

Publicity - Communication - Market practices

Read more on the conclusions (text available in NL only)

Electricity Regulatory Forum – 24th meeting 15 and 16 May

Internal energy market – Network codes & guidelines – Intraday market coupling – Day-ahead market coupling – Long term auction - Redispatching - Capacity markets - Network Development Plan - REMIT Read More

CREG condems proposal of Royal Decree organising a tender procedure for the construction of new combined steam and gas power plants

Electricity - Security of supply - Combined steam and gas power plants - Tender

Advies CREG F)130503-CDC-1243 over ‘de modaliteiten voor de procedure van offerteaanvraag voorzien in artikel 5 van de wet van 29 april 1999 betreffende de organisatie van de elektriciteitsmarkt’ / AVIS (F)130503-CDC-1243 sur « les modalités de la procédure d’appel d’offres prévue à l’article 5 de la loi du 29 avril 1999 relative à l’organisation du marché de l’électricité »

Read more (short summary only available in NL)

Presentation of the Belgian Code of Economic Law

On 22 May 2013 the FPS Economy organizes a workshop from 12.00-1400h on the Code of Economic Law.

After an exposé by the Minister for Economy, Mr. J. Vande Lanotte, an introduction by J.-P. Delporte (president of the FPS Economy) and a presentation of the Code by E. Pieters (general-director Regulation and Organization of the Market), Prof. dr. K. Byttebier en R. Feltkamp will set forth their view on the Code.

Practical info

PPT Presentations

Meet the publisher

On 15 May 2013 Didier Deneuter will moderate a panel discussion in a second edition of 'Meet The…' organized by Poppunt on music publishing anno 2013.

In the panel: Piet Bekaert (The Right People), Thomas De Mot (Strictly Confidential), Wim Coryn (Wild Cherry Consult), Stefaan Moriau (CP Masters and chairman of the Belgische publishersvereniging) and Suzanne van den Dool (Sony/ATV Music Publishing).

Huis 23, Steenstraat 23, 1000 Brussels - 7 PM

Practical info

Belgian Code of Economic Law Book - Books IV & V

Book IV 'Protection of competition' and Book V 'Competition and price evolutions' have been introduced in the Belgian Code of Economic Law by 2 laws of 3 April 2013 (Belgian State Gazette 26 April 2013). Entry into force is to be decided by Royal Decree.

By these texts the organisation of the Belgian Competition Authority is revised and this institution is granted powers to supervise price evolutions and to intervene in certain cases. A seminar on both new texts is organised by the VBO on 10 June 2013.

Special estate - Credit institution - Belgian Covered bonds

Just published: "Een kredietinstelling, meerdere vermogens - vermogensrechtelijke bedenkingen bij de regeling inzake Belgische covered bonds", Liber Amicorum Hélène Casman, Antwerpen, Intersentia 2013.

Energy trading - REMIT - Integrity and transparency in wholesale energy markets

Just published: "Integrity and transparency in the EU wholesale electricity market - New rules for a better functioning market?", by R. Feltkamp and C. Musialsky (full text / extract of working paper) Read More

MODO Advocaten / Avocats expands

Pasted Graphic
We have the pleasure to announce MODO's expansion with Bob Laes as senior associate.

With 5 years experience at the Bar followed by several years as legal counsel of VMMA in the 'new business and line extensions department', Bob will reinforce the creative industries-team headed by Didier Deneuter. “Bob’s profile combining thorough legal know-how with a sector specific business insight matches the philosophy of MODO and the profiles we wish to expand MODO with”, says Didier Deneuter

Masterclass – Film Directors Union Masterclass – Film Directors Union

On April 29th, 2013, Didier Deneuter gave a master class hosted by the Film Directors Union entitled ‘contracts and contracting'

Closed session

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Protection of creativity and fair compensation

On 18/04/13 D. Deneuter gave a presentation at a workshop organized by Flanders DC on how to protect creativity from an IP perspective.

Practical info

Common European Sales Law

Just published: Un droit de vente européen pour une meilleure protection du consommateur ? Les moyens d’action du consommateur en cas d’inexécution du vendeur, by R. Feltkamp and F. Vanbossele in European Journal of Consumer Law.

In this contribution we further examine the provisions of the Common European Sales Law (CESL) on the remedies of the buyer, specifically in business to consumer context.

Belgian Code of Economic Law - Book II & VII

A first part of the Belgian Code of Economic Law is now law (State Gazette 29/3/13). The published part contains Book II with some general principles (e.g. the principle of freedom of economic activity) and Book VIII with provisions on quality of products and services. The other parts are soon to follow.

The code aims at bringing more transparency and consistency in the current disparate set of rules.

R. Feltkamp worked together with Prof. K. Byttebier (PREC VUB / Everest) and F. Vanbossele (BuCo VUB) on delivering a first text which was then further adapted in light of current policy options.

E-money institutions

Just published: "(Instellingen voor) elektronisch geld in & uit de Bankwet" (short article on e-money (institutions)), by Régine Feltkamp in Les 20 ans de la loi bancaire / 20 jaar Bankwet, Cahiers AEDBF/EVBFR, Anthemis, 2013, 204p.
Table of content

Cloud computing

Presentation: De onderneming in een digitale omgeving – contractuele aspecten van cloud computing (Contractual aspects of cloud computing)

On 21/03/13 R. Feltkamp and Joris Raport participated to a conference dedicated to cloud computing. J. Raport gave a presentation on intellectual property rights in the context of cloud computing. R. Feltkamp focussed on liability (limitation) clauses in the context of cloud computing.

Practical info

Belgian covered bonds / Mobilisation of receivables

Presentation : All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Verdoken ongelijkheden in financieelrechtelijke verhoudingen? by R. Feltkamp

On 29/03/13 R. Feltkamp gave a presentation at the conference "Recht(op)recht en de financieel-economische crisis" (VUB) on inequalities brought by certain Belgian legislation that aims at enhancing mobilisation of receivables by financial institutions in the context of (re-)financing transactions (Wet Belgische covered bonds / Wet mobilisering schuldvorderingen).

Practical info

E-money (institutions)

A more accessible and simplified statute for e-money institutions

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Protection of design or industrial inventions

Presentation: Hoe bescherm ik mijn design of industrieel ontwerp? (How to protect my design or industrial inventions)

On 14/03/13 D. Deneuter gave a practical presentation on intellectual property rights and the protection of design and industrial concepts. Following questions will amongst others be addressed: what are the basic conditions for protection? Is protection always useful? Which formalities to fulfill? What to do with illegal copies?

Practical info